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Cabo San Lucas Hurricane Update 10/1/2014:

In the aftermath of Hurricane Odile, the Club is pleased to report that our resorts are in great shape.  We are so fortunate that they fared so well given the extreme circumstances the region of Cabo encountered.   All three properties, Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, and Villa la Estancia, are scheduled to be fully operational by the end of this week.

Villa Del Arco had four rooms with broken windows and 15% of palm trees lost in the pool area.  We are currently cleaning one pool; the other two are already cleaned and being refilled.  We will have all restaurants and pools open by today, October 1, along with 215 out of 222 rooms; the remaining seven rooms will be available November 30. At Villa Del Palmar the acrylic dome in the lobby was damaged.  We had 30 rooms with broken windows and 25% loss of palms in the pool area. We will have 370 rooms ready for occupancy by October 1 with all restaurants and pools open.  The remaining 97 rooms will be available November 30.

We are completely on track and progressing rapidly towards getting back to normal in the immediate future.  We are grateful that our developers built these resorts so well!  These resorts are more than just “buildings.” These structures are your home – they have offered you countless happy vacation memories in the best of times; they have also offered safe haven and shelter in the most challenging of times.

How to Help – Cabo Relief Fund – We have been asked by many generous members and guests how they can best provide assistance to the people of Los Cabos and any staff affected by Hurricane Odile. We have determined the most effective way for us to coordinate these efforts is through the Eagle’s Wings Foundation. Many of you are already familiar with our non-profit sister organization and its mission to provide assistance to various charitable organizations in the Villa Group resort destinations. The reason we directed the donations to Eagle’s Wings is because they are an established and reputable organization in Mexico, they have an existing donation vehicle already in place through PayPal, and the Board’s Executive Committee has the power to very quickly disperse funds where needed without getting bogged down in red tape. They are still in the process of assessing what needs to be done and part of that is identifying staff and community projects that need immediate assistance.  You can trust that the money will get to where it needs to go. EWF has been a long-time supporter of the Cabo community, and today more than ever they want to join with you to reach out a loving hand to assist those in need.

To donate to the relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Odile please visit the EWF site and click on the “donate” button which will direct you to the PayPal donation link. All donations received are tax deductible in the United States. Donations received through October 15 will be earmarked directly for Cabo Relief and a receipt can be provided upon request. These donations will not be included in the funds collected throughout the year for general grant purposes. The EWF Board of Directors will be directly responsible for prioritizing need within Cabo and the Villa Group staff, and will confer to distribute funds swiftly and efficiently. Please visit the EWF website at today and click on the “donate” button to help those in need. Our collection efforts have already begun; please help us to help as many people as possible!

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