UVC International - Our family of resorts offer a perfect blend of upscale luxury and the friendly feel of a home-away-from-home.  A unique vacation experience is waiting for you in Mexico.

VPA Membership

Members Exclusive toll free 1-800 number for member services and reservations.

VPA Member Check-in Desk

Ability to make reservations up to 24 months in advance at any Universal Vacation Club Resorts*
UVC Members always receive priority room assignments*
Split Week Use - 3 and 4 day OR 5 and 2 day segments available (1 weekend during 7 day period)*

Extended Stay at pro-rated maintenance fee rates* 
Complimentary On-Call Medical Evacuation Insurance

Automatic Membership in the Travel Escapes Club 
Complimentary unit upgrades at check-in*

Vacation bank and borrow up to five years
First option in Suite Getaways rental program
VPA Discount card issued upon arrival

Suite and Season Exchanges and upgrades*

One cancellation fee waived per year (if more than 30 days in advance)

*Subject to availability. Fees are subject to change at any time.

One important element, common to every club, is the sense of fellowship and belonging that membership to the organization brings. When we band together with others who share the same interests, hobbies, or philosophies, there is a feeling of coming home, of being accepted and appreciated. Sharing experiences with others in our club creates intimate, lifelong relationships and perpetuates the camaraderie that so many members have experienced. So we say, "Hello, old friends" and "Welcome, new members." We are glad you are a part of our growing family.

Joining one of our Clubs guarantees years of luxury travel; you will vacation far more often at far less cost than any standard option. The newest membership product offered is the Villa Preferred Access point-based program. With a VPA Membership, you won't get lost in the crowd - you are assured a top quality lifestyle investment with luxury amenities and individualized attention whenever you stay.

The Member Services Department is here to answer all of your membership questions and provides services for the following functions: monthly loan payments, yearly maintenance fees, internal club to club exchanges, reservations, exchanging weeks into both Interval International and RCI, vacation banking, vacation borrowing, airport transportation services and other optional services such as spa services, golf tee times and grocery stocking packages.

Many of the services are available on-line when you log in securely with your username and password. To manage your account on-line, please
click here.
To contact member services call toll free 1-800-852-4755 , Gold and VPA Members may call 1-866-465-3882 , or you can send your requests to .

The VPA Membership is really innovative and on the cutting edge of timesharing service. As a VPA Member, you get the following benefits:

VPA Membership Benefits

  • Preferential treatment in the reservations of your weeks for Villa del Mar/Palmar PV, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta, Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Loreto, Villa del Palmar Cancun and any other existing or future VPA resort
  • Interval International Membership - exchange benefits to more than 1800 resorts around the world, exclusive publications and II web site access. (This is a one year pre-paid membership; subsequent years can be renewed directly by the member.) 
  • Split Week use - Flexibility to split your week into 3 and 4 day OR 5 and 2 day segments (may only use one weekend during 7-day period.) These segments may be used at different VPA resorts.
  • Accelerate Use - Borrow your membership use for up to 5 years. ((Biennial members may borrow one year.)
  • VPA Member Check-in - Exclusive check-in area just for VPA members.
  • VPA Member Exclusive Toll Free 800-Number - Designated 800 number available for you - we will help you pre-book special events, activities and spa services. Your own concierge will be happy to help with your travel needs.
  • VPA Member Card Benefits - the VPA card you'll receive will provide discounts at any VPA resort, at our partner golf courses, restaurants, clubs, bars, boutiques and stores. Also receive a preferred rate at our associated travel agency.
  • Preferred Time Use - Take a long weekend or a mid-week escape. Any time during weeks 18 through 43 you may use additional days equal to the number of days owned, maximum of two weeks, at the cost of the pro-rated maintenance fee. Preferred Time may not be exchanged for two smaller units. (Biennial Memberships may only combine Preferred Points with Club Points for unit upgrades only up to 60 days prior to Check-in.)
  • First Options on Suite Getaways - If you decide to rent your week, as a VPA member you have first option to deposit your week in the rental pool.
  • Multi-day Check-in - Save on airfare by flying on a weekday; avoid the crowds; relax midweek.
  • Medical Evacuation Travel Insurance - Includes medical travel insurance to take care of you while away from home. 
  • Building and Unit Upgrades - Based on availability, VPA members receive unit and building upgrades at the time of registration.
  • Extended Stay Night - VPA members can extend their stay at maintenance fee rates on site if there is space available. 
  • Suite Exchanges - You may request different unit sizes and/or seasons by using your points. This is based on the member's available point balance, Point chart, availability and a minimum two-night stay. Options are limitless! 

*All benefits are subject to change without written notification. 

Check our
Frequently Asked Questions section to answer any questions you might have, or visit our Online Support Center.